Welcome to Highwire MC

Highwire MC is a full service advertising and marketing firm. Like most firms, we concentrate on the fundamentals of spot-on messaging and clean, effective creative, but we differ when it comes to media placement. Highwire MC has developed a proprietary mix of traditional and Internet media, drawing on the best of each, to create uncommonly successful marketing campaigns

Our marketing campaigns are highly focused and cost-efficient for local, regional and national delivery to very specific, targeted consumer groups. Using our proprietary mix of traditional and online advertising outlets for direct response marketing and branding, our campaigns have been remarkably successful and very cost-efficient. Our marketing technique has proven highly effective for companies of all sizes.

Highwire MC’s blended media methodology is:

  • More accurate
  • Reduces waste
  • Targets buyers—consumers during the buying decision process

Our approach allows our clients to:

  • Increase advertising frequency
  • Expand their marketing area
  • Reduce media costs for a given area



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