Highwire MC has executed numerous highly successful marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 Companies, large events, including Super Bowl 36, and small businesses. We use a proprietary, blended media campaign, using a cost efficient mix of traditional media for branding and Internet media for direct marketing to achieve exceptional results on relatively modest budgets. We first utilized our blended media method in the “Think Green” campaign for Tulane Athletics, which raised $15 million in new revenues and donations in six months on an investment of less than $125,000.

Successful marketing campaigns are built on sound, on the same fundamental marketing principals:

  • Spot-on messaging
  • Clean and effective creative
  • Precise, efficient media placement

It is Highwire MC’s media mix of traditional and Internet marketing techniques that makes us unique.  Our blended media program greatly enhances the effectiveness of most campaigns far exceeding what is possible with traditional agencies.

Highwire MC’s tested and refined the blended media method under the most extreme conditions—the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The storm destroyed the Gulf Coast, scattering residents, businesses and their customers across the US, making it impossible to use traditional media outlets to effectively advertise. The Internet and selected traditional media allowed us to reach refugees in their temporary cities and in the storm damaged areas. Our proprietary media mix allowed us to target specific consumer profiles across diverse geographic areas with greater accuracy and far lower cost than previously possible.



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