We discovered an extraordinarily effective mix of Internet and traditional marketing techniques that increase effectiveness with the same or lower costs. Coupling selected traditional media outlets with specific online direct marketing techniques allows Highwire MC to increase brand awareness for our clients and conduct direct marketing campaigns simultaneously at cost much less than normal campaigns.

Highwire MC’s techniques are only possible because of the added consumer knowledge and direct response potential available through Internet marketing. The Internet allows us to serve ads directly to users as they search for information on specific products and product classes. This is a major advertising advancement as Highwire MC can target a very specific consumer as they are collecting information preceding a product purchase, and we can influence their buying decision, often in our clients favor.

Customer Focus

Every business is unique with attributes that create competitive advantages. Highwire MC identifies those attributes and presents them in a compelling manner. Like our approach to media, our creative and messaging is precise, uncluttered and focused. We identify our clients’ unique business advantages and present them in a clear and concise manner.

Highwire MC is careful to craft messages that are appropriate for the client’s industry. Each industry has unique qualities and a proper marketing perspective. Professional clients require dignity and trust; sports with experiential marketing, emphasizing fun, camaraderie and the inclusiveness of the group activity. In each instance, every campaign is carefully crafted for the individual needs of the client.

Finally, when the messaging is ready, we utilize our unique mix of traditional and Internet media to deliver the message precisely to its intended audience, with minimal waste and maximum impact.

Marketing and ROI

Highwire MC’s blended media approach works well for any company that do business with a specific target customer in a defined location. Using traditional media for branding coordinated with direct marketing techniques on the Internet, we can increase effectiveness and reduce costs. Our method precisely delivers ads to qualified consumers in a desired geography with minimal waste. We can identify specific target populations and reach only the intended audience in a defined location. Our method is, arguably, the most precise and cost-efficient marketing program in existence today.



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